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Themis is an Italian Brand especially designed for all the BOLD, STYLISH & COOL Girls out there, who are not afraid to express their own Personality through their own authentic Style!

The THEMIS GIRL has thousands of shades to uncover, she's a strong and independent kind of woman who follows her dreams no matter what! She's a game changer, a dragon woman, with a wild soul and a kind heart, who strives to make the World a better place, ruling by example! She's unstoppable, a Rebel, a Gypsy, unapologetically herself, comfortable in her perfect imperfection. She's One of a Kind, wise and intense, mad and magic, both inspired and inspiring.

She believes in the Universe and she's guided by the Moon.

Our TEAM is made up mostly by young International Women, with great skills and lots of passion. We work every day to find out the LATEST INTERNATIONAL FASHION TRENDS just for being able to offer you the most fashionable items, sooner than any other brand, and always at the most affordable price!

Cause we strongly believe that "STYLE IS A RIGHT!"

We also work everyday to improve our services cause we want to offer you the best customers experience, creating for you not just an online shop where to buy clothes, but also an amazing space to enjoy during your free time, like a casual Wednesday night, while you're drinking a glass of wine, in your favorite sweatpants.


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